eBook: The Wiki Ninjas Guide to SharePoint 2013

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Gokan Ozcifci, a SharePoint MVP and fellow Wiki Ninja compiled a 255 page eBook highlighting many of the fantastic SharePoint 2013 resources and articles that can be found on the TechNet Wiki. Great work Gokan – this eBook is a community win!

Many articles that I have posted to the Wiki are referenced in this eBook. There are many dedicated and talented authors who contribute SharePoint content to the Wiki and I am grateful that Gokan included my work in this publication.

Please download the eBook and help us spread the word!

Here is a list of authors referenced in this eBook – thanks to everyone for embracing the Wiki and contributing to its continued success:

  • Joe Davis
  • Thuan Soldier
  • Magriet Bruggeman
  • Luigi Bruno
  • Craig Lussier
  • Hezequias Vasconcelos
  • Matthew Yarlett
  • Marcelo Sincic
  • Benoit Jester
  • Ed Price
  • Fernando Lugão Veltem
  • dplotnikov – mvp
  • Bjorn H Rapp



  • SpPirategokanozcifci

    Thanks for the mention Craig!

    • http://www.craiglussier.com/ Craig Lussier

      Gokan – you’re welcome! And keep up the great work you are doing. We all appreciate it :)

  • adam bokowski

    Joe Davis is my favorit one. http://emergencyplumber.eu/w-domu/